Wilde Salomé Review

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A documentary accompanying Salome that covers the staging of the play, the shooting of the staging of the play and the shooting of the shooting of the staging of the play.


While simultaneously doing the play and filming the play Pacino also embarked on a Looking For Richard on Oscar Wilde and, yes, the play. Which, in case you missed it, has chunks re-enacted in this documentary. Al goes on Wildean pilgrimage and is fawned over, interviewees Gore Vidal and Tom Stoppard are interesting and amusing, but Bono giving us the benefit of his expertise seems pretty random. Pacino’s passion is engaging and he is crazy funny, particularly driving his producers nuts or, makeshift keffiyeh on his head, filming baffling tableaux vivants in the Mojave desert for inspiration. Wilde would have been bemused.

Pacino’s passionate look at both Salome and Wilde. It delivers in fits and starts but mostly baffles.