Wild Country Review

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A group of urban teenagers go on a hiking exercise and run into a dangerous beast which targets them, their altogether creepy youth club leader, and a few locals in the vicinity.


This is an effective little Scots werewolf movie which makes the best of limited resources, using digital video to make the wilds murkily threatening.

The simple story has appealing character frills, with an interesting undercurrent of Scots miserablism and a strong performance from Samantha Shields as an unusually resilient teen heroine. Peter Capaldi delivers a subtly unsympathetic performance as the hypocritically lecherous youth club leader “Father Steve”; the best line comes from the woman who finds out she’s just slept with a priest and snaps, “If I’m pregnant, you’re paying for the abortion.” Sparing in its beast effects, the film delivers an unusual, hog-snouted werewolf design and credible peril sequences.

A superior achievement in its weight class – well worth catching in theatres, but likely to scare up more customers on rental DVD.