My Wife Is A Gangster Review

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Brutal female gangster Cha is a leading figure in the Seoul underworld, which she rules with an iron fist. No man dares challenge her rule. When her terminally ill sister insists that Cha becomes a wife and mother before she dies, Cha's colleagues find a suitably naive civil servant to become her husband. However, a rival gangster moves into her territory and she has to resolve the situation without her husband discovering her real line of work.


The first instalment in the hugely popular Korean trilogy limps onto DVD without so much as a trailer to whet the interest. An amped-up Miss Congeniality with way more guns, Cha Eun-Jin (Shin Eun-Kyung) is a female gangster lord who’s emotionally blackmailed by her dying sister into finding a husband.

Hindered by the fact that she has as much charm as a bucket of anthrax, her minions soon stumble across a suitably dumb candidate from whom she must hide her job until her sister dies and she can divorce the spouse. Stylish martial arts scenes and humour from said minions balance sweet moments between Eun-jin and her dying sister, but as a comedy it falls flat. Still, Miramax could always rope Jackie Chan in for their forthcoming remake.

A Korean comedy severely lacking in actual comedy.