Welcome To The Jungle Review

Image for Welcome To The Jungle

Beck (The Rock) is the best debt collector in the business. However, he’s anxious to get out of the game, until he’s sent to Brazil to bring back his boss’ AWOL son, Travis (Scott). But Travis has uncovered the last resting place of a priceless artefact —


WHAT is it with The Rock and cracking opening sequences? His bar-room brawl in The Scorpion King was that film’s highlight (not difficult, admittedly). And now, in Welcome To The Jungle, he’s at it again, getting medieval on a team of surly NFL stars in a nightclub — and, thanks to director Berg’s pumped-up camerawork and tongue-in-cheek use of onscreen graphics, it’s all effortlessly cool.

After that, though, we head to Brazil and a slight downward incline, as the bickering interplay between the ex-wrestler and a purposefully annoying Scott turns the movie into little more than a sweatier version of Midnight Run.

That the film manages to tread on such hallowed turf and come out relatively unscathed is testament to Berg’s inventive direction, the excellent supporting cast (the reliably cranky Walken is a standout), a smattering of nifty one-liners and, last but by no means least, Dwayne Johnson, Esq.

Displaying a surprising gift for light comedy alongside his God-given talent for breaking heads, The Rock here confirms his immense ‘next action hero’ promise, further confirmed by a baton-passing cameo from one particular living legend. The formulaic one-man Wild Bunch climax is rather disappointing but, by then, what’s gone before has generated enough goodwill to overcome the blip.

By no means a classic, but darned good fun nonetheless