Weird Science Review

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Two high school nerds, Gary and Wyatt (Hall and Mitchell-Smith) channel their computer skills into formulating the perfect woman (an inarguable Kelly LeBrock) in an attempt to force themselves to act like men in the presence of such powerful femininity. That's the concept, along with numerous tantalising shots of a scantily-clad LeBrock.


Two young nerds whip up Perfect Woman Kelly LeBrock for their science homework, and she transforms their lives from geeky isolation into the guilty trials of life. A mildly dirty reworking of love, popularity and wild times, this is John Hughes’ scrappiest film to date, but it redeems its tastelessness and stupidity by being fairly funny most of the time. Even Kelly LeBrock is hilarious, particularly when she confronts Hal’s uptight parents. She is self-effacing enough of her mid-‘80s Wonderwoman status to win us over and is the best thing in an otherwise average spin on Mary Shelley’s (now there, feminists roar, was a woman!) creation.

Distinctly predictable offering from the ever-overworking John Hughes, who has taken a step back from his previous work. Let's hope it leads to two steps forward.