Weekend Review

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Bored of hanging out with his straight friends, Russell (Cullen) heads out alone and on the pull on a Friday night. He meets the handsome Glen (New) in a club and the pair embark on a weekend together that slowly changes them both.


A lot can happen in one night - think After Hours or Before Sunrise. For the protagonists of Weekend, Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New), a casual pick-up in a club evolves into 48 hours of introspection, revelation and soul-searching fuelled by drink, drugs and sex. Glen is the hedonistic commitment-phobe, Russell the more introverted of the pair. Both are damaged goods, each seeking something the other might provide. In what is essentially a two-hander, the leads are especially good — a veneer of bravado and indifference concealing respective emotional cracks — as they both fall falteringly for the other. Even if the third act does stutter, the moments of unwanted longing and need are expertly captured, their final moments together conveying the very real impact of what it sometimes is to say goodbye.

Terrific low-key turns from the two leads inject their growing bond with genuine emotion, making this a love story that will get under the skin of romantics everywhere.