The Wedding Tackle Review

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Lager. Strippers. Vomit. The stag night has always provided a plethora of rich comedy staples. So, no prizes for originality here. And, it has to be said, not a great deal for entertainment value, either.

Hal (Purefoy), due to marry Vinni (Susan Vidler), finds his last night of freedom thrown into disarray - thanks largely to his stereotypical male tendency to think with the smaller of the two heads.

Putting to one side a lame Grantham and Tony Slattery's wimpy ex-boyfriend, there are some redeeming factors, with Purefoy assured in his lead role and Victoria Smurfit gloriously psychotic as Clodagh. But by playing out its antics with the, "Oo-er, missus!" kind of contrivance that the title suggests, a sense of its being nothing more than a feature-length Benny Hill is ultimately impossible to shake.