Wayne's World Review

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Two young wasters host a Cable TV show which a young ambitious producer wants to make an overnight hit... but will they cope with the price of fame and success?


Sounding not unlike Bill And Ted of Excellent Adventure fame, Wayne (Myers) and Garth (Carvey) - two heavy metal dudes with their own TV show - were first launched onto the American public in 1989 as a sketch on Saturday Night Live. An overnight success with their own unique language ("Excellent!" "Not!") that were soon adopted by fans, the pair are now the subject of a successful movie.

Transmitting a local late-night cable TV show from their basement, pals Wayne and Garth give the audiences of Aurora, Illinois their own special brand of entertainment, sharing their views on beautiful babes and rock music. Spotted by smarmy producer Benjamin Oliver (Lowe), who wants to launch them on the unsuspecting world of bigtime TV, the boys soon find themselves propelled into the world of contracts, producers, and sponsorship, while Wayne's relationship with singer and major-babe Cassandra (Carrerre) is threatened when Oliver whisks her away with the promise of a record contract.

So will the boys get to keep their show, become famous, and get the babes? It doesn't really matter, since the thin plot is really secondary to the gags and dialogue - "Wayne, did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and became a girl bunny?" asks Garth as they lay on their car. It's hit-and-miss : a scene where the boys sing enthusiastically along to Bohemian Rhapsody while driving is hilarious - but a parody of the seventies US TV sitcom Laverne And Shirley falls decidedly flat, since few people in the UK actually saw the show. However, thanks to engaging performances and a sharp script, this movie - essentially a series of three-minute sketches filling 101 minutes - could be just the right choice for that Saturday night date, while Wayne-speak will no doubt be quoted and become part of the English language. Not!

A classic comedy of it's time.