Way Of The Morris Review

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Co-director Tim Plester - a member of a Morris dancing troupe in Oxfordshire - delves into the history and world of English folk dancing.


Starting out as a quaintly quixotic quest to discover the roots of Morris dancing, this slowly builds into a fond and moving study of an erroneously derided aspect of English folklore. The focus falls on co-director Tim Plester, whose family are part of a team based in the Oxfordshire village of Adderbury. As he tinkers with animated interludes and steels himself to join in, Plester comes to appreciate the socio-cultural significance of Morris and how its popularity was affected by events like the Great War. His initiation is amusing, but the highlights are his grandfather’s home movies and the Adderbury pilgrimage to The Somme, from which only one of their number returned in 1916.

An enchanting traipse through England's green and pleasant land that shares some fascinating insights into this proud folk tradition. You'll never laugh at another Morris dancer again.