Wassup Rockers Review

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A gang of skater boys from South Central L.A. go looking for girls in Hollywood and Beverley Hills but what they mostly find is trouble...


Larry ‘Kids’ Clark goes uncharacteristically soft on teens with this day-in-the-life of a gang of teenage Latino skaters who roadtrip from South Central’s ghetto to Beverly Hills, and take a detour through lame stereotype world in the process. While tussling with the twin horrors of sex and death they come across precocious posh girls, unfairly suspicious coppers and — dear lord — Janice Dickinson, but even the latter’s bonkers cameo isn’t enough to make up for the fact that being 14 was bad enough the first time round without paying it another visit.

Essentially The Goonies with gonads, Clark’s freewheeling take on the old ‘best day ever’ chestnut has certainly nailed the boredom of being a teenager: watching this is about as interesting as following your own kid brother around for 24 hours, just with skinny jeans and worse hair.

It turns out watching the day in the life of a gang of disenfranchised 14 yr old boys is AS boring as being a disenfranchised 14 yr old boy.