War Review

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An FBI Agent (Jason Statham) seeks vengeance on a mysterious assassin (Jet Li) who murdered his partner.


Jason Statham and Jet Li aren’t exactly De Niro and Pacino, yet War fancies itself as the B-movie Heat. Sadly, anyone hoping for a Woo-style, yin/yang, cop-vs.-killer showdown will be massively disappointed by the sheer lack of action - despite some Triad/Yakuza battles in a San Francisco filled with burning warehouses, gambling dens and pole-dance clubs.

Statham is an FBI agent simmering with vengeance after assassin Li kills his partner, but any tension is let down by ridiculous dialogue and run-of-the-mill set-pieces, with its stars sharing miniscule screen time.

The hard truth is, six years after The One, their names now work better on a DVD sleeve than a movie poster.

Li and Statham (and the audience) deserve better.