The Wanderers Review

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In a pre-Kennedy assassination America, a group of high-school friends grapple with rival gangs as well as the process of growing into adulthood.

A slightly dated but worthwhile look at The Bronx’s gangland of the sixties, but West Side Story this is not. There’s rock music, rumbles and racism though, with Wahl as the leader of one of the gangs, not only having to deal with all this but also the prospect of being called up into the Marines. The ensemble cast are great, looking beyond their dingy tenements and wondering whether there is a better world beyond. it’s also miles better than Kaufman’s later offering, the over-hyped Henry and June.

Worth a look, if only for the surreal groupings of the gangs (The Wongs, the Del Bombers and the Fordham Baldies...that's right, they're bald)