Walking And Talking Review

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Things have been tough lately for Amelia. Her best friend moved out of the apartment, her cat got cancer, and now her best friend, Laura, is getting married.


An unmissable gem of a film, this story of two New York girlfriends is a delight from start to finish. Amelia (Keener) lives alone, always wanting too much too soon from relationships, with only her cat Big Jeans for company.

Her life is full of upheaval, her childhood friend Laura (Heche), announces that she is getting married, while her ex-boyfriend Andrew (Schreiber) is addicted to porn and is having regular long distance phone sex.

As Amelia is busy coping with these problems, Laura is preparing for her wedding but becoming increasingly worried by the routine of coupledom. Then a hot date for Amelia comes in the unlikely form of a video store clerk known as The Ugly Guy (Kevin Corrigan), a big horror fan who is allergic to cats.

The script is wordy but witty and the women's lives are treated intelligently by writer/director Holofcener with two spot-on performances by Keener and Heche. And Schreiber proves himself an unsung talent.

. Only once dipping into huggy sentimentality, we are happily spared the run-of-the-mill best mates saga the premise threatens. Instead this is a deeper and wonderfully engrossing picture with characters easy to sympathise with.