Walking On Sunshine Review

Image for Walking On Sunshine

Decamping to a picturesque Italian coastal town, Maddie (Scholey) falls for even-more-picturesque local hunk (Berruti). Unbeknownst to her, he's also in deep with her sister.


This bizarre experience is not so much a film as a karaoke movie. A sunny musical featuring pop songs of the ’80s set to a tinny backing soundtrack, it’s set in a beautiful coastal village in Italy, where Maddie (Annabel Scholey) is about to marry a local hunk (Guilio Berruti) without knowing he’s the ex of her sister (Hannah Arterton). The plot progresses mainly to fit the lyrics of songs from Madonna to Huey Lewis And The News, and to showcase Berruti’s bare-chested charms. It’s tacky and ridiculous, but might just prove a hit with the tipsy sing-along crowd.

A cornball '80s jukebox movie with little of the unselfconscious charms of Mamma Mia!. Save your money for Begin Again.