The Voices Review

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Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) is a chipper worker at a bathtub factory who is trying to win the love of his life with his evil talking pets.


Ryan Reynolds’ first movie since R. I. P. D. will surely be one of 2015’s oddest. He’s a hyper-chipper worker at a bathtub factory, who also happens to be a budding serial killer. And he likes to chat with his pets.

The exact mid-point between Dr. Dolittle and Dr. Lecter, it’s tonally wonky and not as funny as was perhaps intended. But the underrated Reynolds launches a full-force attack on his role (or roles; he also voices the cat and dog), and there are staggering stylised moments, including famous heads in a fridge and a climactic musical number.

Full-force performance form Ryan Reynolds but not as funny as it hopes it is.