Viva Riva! Review

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Playboy Riva (Patsha Bay) has his eye on a cache of petrol in Kinshasa. Problem is, so does ruthless foreign operator Cesar, sharp-suited crime boss Azor, the church and just about everyone else. Riva's life gets even more dangerous when his wandering eye falls on Azor's beautiful girlfriend.


Life’s tough enough on the streets of Kinshasa in the Congo. Untapped natural resources run into the trillions, but the citizens are some of the world’s poorest. It’s harder still when you’ve stolen precious fuel from Angolan gangsters, crossed the border and fallen in love with a girl in the local hood. Such is life for Riva (Patsha Bay Mukuna), a crook living each day like he knows it’s his last. Local operators, the army and even the Church want his petrol cache, but it’s the long, relentless shadow cast by his merciless pursuers that sticks hardest in the mind. Djo Munga’s Kinshasa is a thriving, vibrant city in spite of its problems, but this uneasy story of crime and punishment supersedes its environment and marks him out as a talent to watch.

On the basis of this expertly engineered crime thriller Djo Munga is a director going places.