V/H/S Review

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A posse of misfits is recruited by a shadowy third party to rob a house for a prized VHS cassette. But what they discover there isn't the easy job they'd imagined.


Six indie directors of the mumblecore persuasion contribute to this unpredictable lo-fi found-footage anthology, and the biggest twist is its consistently high quality. A framing story sets up a house full of video tapes documenting strange and alarming phenomena. The rest of the stories make up the contents of those cassettes: each skewering a particular horror genre in as amusingly creative a manner as possible. Vampires, slashers, road-trippers and exorcists all get the off-kilter treatment. Anything goes, and all of it works.

Like last year's Chronicle, here's another reminder that in the right hands found footage still has plenty of capacity to surprise.