The Veteran Review

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An ex-para (Kebbell) returns to the UK from the war in Afghanistan. Trying to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder he enlists with an intelligence service to bring down drug dealers on a violent South London estate. But all is not quite what it seems...


Up-and-coming actor Toby Kebbell, so magnificent as Paddy Considine’s mentally challenged brother in Dead Man’s Shoes, takes centre stage here as a soldier who returns from Afghanistan to find a gang war being fought on the London estate he calls home. Sensing an opportunity for redemption, he becomes obsessed with saving an innocent young girl (Adi Bielski) caught up in the fray. With his second feature, Matthew Hope’s reach exceeds his grasp — but not by much. Kebbell is riveting, while Brian Cox and Bashy bring gravitas and authenticity respectively, and the ending packs a powerful punch. As sink-estate vigilantes go, Harry Brown’s got competition.

A powerful, punchy slice urban thriller that shows off Kebbell at his most compelling.