Veronica Mars Review

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Returning to her hometown for a school reunion, Veronica Mars (Bell) comes to the rescue of her old belle Logan (Dohring) who's been implicated in a local murder.


Kristen Bell returns to the role that made her famous in this Kickstarter revival of the 2004 TV show. Dragged back to her hometown after a decade away, the (former) teen private eye is called upon to solve a murder and clear the name of old flame and resident bad boy, Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). Aimed squarely at the fans who financed it, this fires off nods and winks like an in-joke machine gun. Rob Thomas’ mile-a-minute screenplay is as sharp-witted as it is smart-mouthed, though, with a sufficient helping of more accessible riffs (and a couple of fun cameos) to make Mars virgins want to pick up the box set.

A big-screen outing for the small screen Nancy Drew-alike that puts the 'fun' into 'crowdfunding'.