Vampyres Review

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A pair of sapphic vampires lure unsuspecting strangers into their creepy house for some saucy blood-sucking, but get a shcok when a fiesty American girl fights back.


Sex horror was fashionable in the 70s, and this is just about the ultimate nudie vampire picture, with busty blonde starlets Morris and Anulka hanging out in an old dark house, occasionally bringing men in to share their bed and bleed for them.

The plot is minimal, but the acting is surprisingly decent, and the sex-horror scenes have an unusually interesting sado-erotic edge. It's not quite on a par with such continental items as Daughters Of Darkness, but it is a haunting little movie.

Disturbing drama with some realist touches (though not the blood and gore), a pallid pallette and a sparse, tinkling score.