Vampires Suck Review

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Becca (Proske) is torn between the love of two boys, Edward Sullen (Lanter) and Jacob White (Riggi). But which will she chose?


Stephenie Meyer’s vampire tale and the cash cow that it spawned is a natural breeding ground for spoofs, but this is from Date Movie//Meet The Spartans creators Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, a pair who have never met a bandwagon they didn’t want to urinate all over. So we get the usual lame assortment of easy cracks, sight gags and pop culture references. Most of the cast look like they’re suffering through — the biggest crime is there are people here (including the likes of Ken Jeong, Diedrich Bader and Dave Foley) who have been truly funny in other things and are simply wasted. If you like this sort of thing, nothing will stop you going to see it. Otherwise: it’s terrible. Stay away.

A Twilight pastiche with all the wit you'd expect from the makers of Scary Movie and Meet The Spartans.

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