Upworld Review

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Gnome Gnorm is a typical bloke really in that all he wants to do is impress the ladies. So he nicks some magic stones so that he can leave Gnomeland, and ends up witnessing a murder here on Earth. Enlisted to help a cop catch the killer - and save his own hide - Gnorm gets the adventure he's been waiting for, although poor Detective Casey is going close to crazy.


In one of the sillier cop movie premises, nerd policeman Anthony Michael Hall is partnered with a gnome called Gnorm in this unexceptional fantasy adventure. Hall wants to nail his crooked superior, and Gnorm wants to retrieve a tribal gem, and they wander through a boring plot griping at each other.

Predictable and pointless, but a triumph of special effects gnomesmanship.

A weathered example of the Gnomansland of fantasy comedy.