Unmade Beds Review

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Axl comes to London from Spain to try and find his father and encounters the jolly side of life on the fringes of immigrant London.


Spanish Axl (Fernando Tielve) has come to London looking for his father. Moving into a busy squat, Axl fails to realise he’s flat-sharing with French Vera (Déborah François), who might just be the girl of his dreams. As we wait for the pair to unite, the film flits from one night out to another.

The offbeat characters give the film a light, appealing vibe — the inhabitants of these squats are more happy hippies than junkies. There’s plenty of alcohol, though, which causes amusing problems for Axl, who forgets everything he does while drunk. The English dialogue’s stilted and the conclusion slight, but this shouldn’t bother genre fans looking for a slice of alternative London life.

Light and entertaining, if a little clunky at times.

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