United We Fall Review

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Five grotty, flash ex-Manchester United players recall how their shot at the big time came and went.


Up until the last third, where the scrappy improvisations of a reunion meal become a shapeless muddle, Gary Sinyor’s docu-parody of Premiership hubris rocks with spiky, grotesque laughter. Here, five members of a fictional Manchester United squad, complete with a Beckham-bot and Giggs-alike, recall an equally fictitious attempt at The Triple that slide-tackles into a unholy cringing farce. Revealing modern footballers as jaded, egotistical, super-rich troglodytes will be news to no-one, but Sinyor’s unflinching mockery is acidic, well played and astutely absurd (the tattooed baby is priceless).

It may not exactly be a Swiftian satire but this send-up of modern football is frequently funny and as full of raw commitment as a two-footed lunge.