Unfinished Business Review

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After leaving his minerals sales company, Dan (Vaughn) recruits two hapless employees (Wilkinson and Franco) and sets up his own business. A year later, they’re struggling, but head to Berlin in hope of striking a big deal. But there they come up against Dan’s old ball-busting boss (Miller), drunken parties, and general ineptitude.


After the sweet but underseen Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn and director Ken Scott reteam on this cosmically unfunny misfire which sees Vaughn’s plucky American businessman head to Berlin to try to seal a big deal. Every so often, a more interesting movie, focusing on the likeable Vaughn’s attempt to do the right thing by his business and family, threatens to break out, but more often it takes leftfield lurches into risible raunch, stranding a very talented cast with horrendous material. In particular, spare a thought for the great Tom Wilkinson, playing a sex-starved OAP reduced to asking people to call him Tony Stark and talk about “my great iron cock”.

At times so shoddily made you’d swear it was actually unfinished, the charm of Vaughn, Franco, Nick Frost and the rest can’t compensate for a shocking lack of jokes.