Underdog Review

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In this live action version of the cartoon series, a shamed police dog is accidentally turned into a superhero following a lab accident.


Jason Lee gives this doggy movie fleeting promise, but it’s not enough to distinguish it from any other bland family comedy.

This live-action, CG-enhanced adventure sees a shamed police dog (Jason Lee) transformed into a superdog via an accident in the lab of scheming scientist Dr. Simon Barsinister (Peter Dinklage). Underdog sets about saving the city while attempting to keep his identity secret - a challenge given that he can both talk and fly.

The odd gag raises a smile, but Underdog’s human sidekicks (James Belushi and Alex Neuberger as father and son) are as dull as the predictable storyline. One for kids too young to have seen Superman. Or Spider-Man. Or even Shaggy Dog…

Despite the talent on show, there's little to distinguish this from any other bland family comedy.