So Undercover Review

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Teenager Molly (Cyrus) moonlights as a private eye to help her father's gambling debts. Her surveillance skills catch the eye of FBI man Jeremy Piven, who sends her on an undercover assignment at a sorority.

Miley Cyrus is a tomboyish private eye who has to glam up and go undercover at a college sorority – sounds like a fun assignment but it’s unlikely to appeal to anyone over the age of ten. Former child star Cyrus seems increasingly self-conscious in front of the camera, delivering lines in gruff monotone and rarely convincing as an intrepid investigator. Jeremy Piven lightens the load as an FBI agent but Kelly Osbourne is on hand to drag it back down again at regular intervals. The final flurry of scenes are quite fun, but this remains a comedy for die-hard Cyrus fans only.

This could have worked as a guilty pleasure with a perkier star – and better jokes.