Undead Review

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A meteor shower in and around a small Australian town causes the dead to rise, and attack the living. A motley group of survivors band together and try to escape the situation, but all is not as it seems.


Here’s an interesting postscript to the Year Of The Zombie — an ultra-low-budget Australian flick with designs on being the new Evil Dead or Bad Taste.

But Undead is noteworthy mainly because its directors, the Spierig brothers, shot their tale of an alien meteor shower turning a sleepy Oz backwater into Zombie Central for around $350,000, using their home PCs to conjure an apocalyptic, gore-filled vision. But then they blow it all with a hotch-potch script — zombie fish? — that implies that they were making it up as they went along.

You have to admire the Spierigs’ ambition, but the execution is too shoddy for them to be mentioned in the same sentence. As Raimi or Jackson.

The vision and ambition is clearly evident, but equally so is the brothers' weakness - screenwriting. That said, there are more than a fistful of great moments in a rather wobbly whole.