Uncovered: The War On Iraq Review

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An objective and reasoned look at the various dubious activities of Dubya's party since they took office.


There have been more incendiary films about Operation Enduring Freedom, but none packs a punch with such authority and accuracy as Robert Greenwald’s assemblage of angry wise men. There’s nothing new here in terms of news footage or the refutation of so-called intelligence relating to Iraq, Al-Qaeda and WMD. But this remains a damning summation of all we know about the Bush administration’s misconduct of post-9/11 foreign policy.

The insights provided by such senior spooks as Ray McGovern and Robert Baer, as well as diplomat Joseph Wilson and weapons inspector Scott Ritter, prove that not every American is a knee-jerk patriot. There are many powerful people in Washington (and Westminster) who should see this film and hang their heads in shame...

Another volume to add to the big book of Dubya as the Devil, but this deserves it's own special place as a more reasoned account than Micheal Moore's grandstanding cousin.