Unconditional Love Review

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Bored housewife Grace Beasley mourns the death of her favourite crooner, Victor Fox. She travels to Wales for the funeral and strikes up a friendship with Victor’s ‘valet’, the boyfriend of the lady-killing singer.


Australian helmer PJ Hogan seems to be ducking the success of his last movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding, here.

There’s little doubt that Rupert Everett was the best thing in that runaway hit, but when the lead female role downshifts from Julia Roberts to Kathy Bates, you understand that we are in ‘personal project’ territory (Hogan’s wife, Jocelyn Moorhouse, co-wrote the script).

Indeed, the aimless plot seems to be based on odd concerns (mid-life ennui, celebrity homosexuals) that the director has picked up during visits to places (England, Chicago) that dutifully turn up as locations. There’s even a bizarre scene which apparently spoofs My Best Friend’s Wedding’s most famous set-piece (the Say A Little Prayer sing-a-long), as if Hogan is embarrassed by the whole affair.

To be fair, there are several good ideas here and some genuinely quirky characters, but the whole ramshackle enterprise singularly fails to hang together.

It’s whimsical enough. But anyone who thought My Best Friend’s Wedding would have been better with more Rupert and less Julia: prepare to be proved wrong.