The Unbeatables Review

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Skilful foosball player Amadeo (Grint) must overcome bullying to face up to, and defeat, his bruising nemesis Flash and beat him to the affections of his crush, Lara (Eve Ponsonby).


The best bit of Juan José Campanella’s Oscar-winning The Secret In Their Eyes featured a bravura set-piece at a football stadia. Taking this one step further, Campanella brings his fantastic eye to a crowd-pleasing family animation about a table-football team who come alive to play in a football match to help save the town from a vain, arrogant rival. The teen heroes — a geeky foosball champ and his feisty love interest — are a bit bland, but the players are a colourful bunch, the film referencing is smart, the football satire sharp and there are delightful moments of visual imagination in the appealing animation.

Campanella's colourful animation jinks past its 2D characters to bury one into the top corner. Or to put it another way: three stars.