Un Conte De Noël Review

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When Junon (Deneuve) is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, the search for a bone-marrow donor brings her together with her estranged son and mentally unstable grandson for a fraught family Christmas.


This sprawling study in bourgeois dysfunction was surprisingly inspired by a treatise on transplants. However, the search for a suitable bone-marrow donor for matriarch Catherine Deneuve is merely a pretext for reuniting estranged kinfolk for an excruciating round of revelation and recrimination, led by daughter Anne Consigny, who is both reluctant to allow son Emile Berling to
bail out the mother who ruined her own childhood and furious that prodigal son Mathieu Amalric has been welcomed home. A compellingly literate exploration of the muddle of misguided motives and lingering regrets that bind families together.