U.F.O.: The Movie Review

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The comedian Roy "Chubby" Brown is kidnapped by aliens and charged for his sexist and misogynistic jokes. Somehow although the aliens find his jokes offensive he still manages to tell them all, with the plot coming across as a stand-up at times.


It is perhaps significant that this reviewer was handed a complementary can of German strongbrew before the screening of this film — in which foul-mouthed stand-up "comedian" Roy "Chubby" Brown is kidnapped by feminist aliens and put on trial for all his misogynist outpourings — as from there on in the plot wavers as uncontrollably as the comedian's fleshy midriff. Not that serious Chubby devotees will care very much, as this offers ample opportunity for the "fat one" to fire off a salvo of smutty, offensive and often — yes! — very funny one-liners.

It's a credit to Brown that his deftness of delivery holds together an increasingly embarrassing script, while Lloyd Pack and Stockbridge, as aliens from the planet Clitoris ("That's near Uranus, isn't it?!" Hur, hur), are left to make heavy work of some particularly puerile puns.

What could have been a classic Brit comedy ends up as a messy patchwork of sketches, with even Brown himself admitting he didn't have a clue what was going on most of the time. A hastily reworked ending — designed, apparently, to leave the way open for a sequel — only adds to the confusion. It is certainly Carry On-esque in places, but where Sid James and co. would have made do with a knowing wink, Chubby shoves it straight down one's gaping gob, crooning, "I'm a c, I'm a c," during the closing credits after 80 minutes' worth of wanton filth. Yet for all its horribleness, U.F.O. has the other C-word written all over it. And that, of course, is "cult".

Hinging on your hatred of Roy "Chubby" Brown, this sometimes feels like a stand-up show, allowing the comedian to tell his sexist jokes to a race of aliens who charge him for being a misogynist. Therefore, there's very little in the way of narrative to distract you from Brown's jokes but if you do somehow find the comedian amusing then this will be heaven.