U2 3D Review

Image for U2 3D

Bono and the boys take on the thrid dimension with this film from the Vertigo tour.


Probably the world’s finest live act, U2 have procured the latest 3-D technology for this splendid take on their recent Vertigo tour, treating us to robust versions of their most accessible songs.

Theatrical, political, emotional and absurdist, here is a band who feel nothing is beyond them. Mercifully, the directors treat the 3-D as tool rather than gimmick. We don’t get protruding guitar necks, but an astonishing depth of field capturing the electrifying hugeness of the U2 stadium gig, and the intimacy Bono finds with his gaga audience.

Not for this outing Rattle & Hum’s self-conscious intermissions, just U2 in their pomp putting other bands to shame.

It's not for nothing that these guys are the world's finest live act.