Typhoon Review

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A modern-day pirate, Sin, bears a grudge against North and South Korea and plans a huge, destructive revenge. Can top Korean spy Se-Jong stop him?


A villainous pirate with a major grudge threatens to blow up a large chunk of South-East Asia in this po-faced action-thriller, Korea’s most expensive film to date. In true popcorn tradition, the cat-and-mouse plot is enjoyably preposterous: the dastardly Sin (Jang Dong-Kun) plans to get revenge on the country that ruined his childhood by unleashing nuclear destruction on Korea via a series of helium balloons loaded with stolen weaponry.

In return, the Korean government sends top spy Se-Jong (Lee Jung-Jae) to stop him. Unfortunately, the gung-ho enjoyment ends here. Earnestness and high-strung soap-opera antics overwhelm some fun action sequences; more Moonraker than Thunderball.

Pure action-thriller adventure is ruined with an overly melodramatic second half.