Two Can Play At That Game Review

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“What is it about men and big booties?” asks advertising exec Shanté Smith (Fox) as part of her straight-to-camera narration in this shallow battle of the sexes comedy.

Her endless routine is so full of observational clichés that it would be booed off a stand-up stage. As Shanté instigates a ten-day plan to win back her errant boyfriend (who actually hasn’t misbehaved at all), she comes over as a selfish, meddling cow who doesn’t deserve our sympathy or interest.

There’s so much to hate in this film — the way that fattest friends are always the funniest, the ethnic stereotyping that borders on the offensive, the shameless product placement, and the film’s desperation to turn us into a Jerry Springer audience screaming, “Yo, girlfriend!” at Shanté’s every irritating word…