Twin Falls Idaho Review

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Conjoined twins, Francis and Blake, have emotional and health problems but they find their lives turned upside down by a young woman who gets involved with Blake.


Sent to service Francis Falls (Michael Polish) at the Hotel Idaho, hooker Penny (Hicks) discovers that her client is conjoined with his twin, Blake (Mark Polish). Later at Hallowe’en, the one night of the year that the twins can appear in public as a ‘normal’ pair by wearing a costume, they decide to look up the mother (Warren) who abandoned ‘them’ as a baby.

The film steers an assured course between TV movie mawkishness and David Lynch bizarre, and the brothers, who had to direct their co-written script while harnessed to each other, find a wry, melancholy humour in the situation, that expands to big emotion when death is wished for.

Alternately surreal and moving.