The Tuxedo Review

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A chauffeur is thrust into the role of secret agent, complete with gadgety super-tuxedo when his client falls into a coma.


Oh, Jackie… Shanghai Noon apart, Hollywood hasn’t really understood Jackie Chan’s appeal; not just his irrepressible charm, but the fact that he does his own, constantly innovative stunts.

So, naturally, first-time director Donovan completely wastes him here, using dodgy CG and ill-chosen camera angles to destroy Chan’s speed and technical ingenuity.

The premise is vaguely interesting — Chan wears an Inspector Gadget-style tuxedo — and Jackie, bless him, mugs and gurns his little heart out, but ultimately it’s not worth his time or your money.

Jason Isaacs, as a charming Bondian figure, takes the easy way out by succumbing to a coma one-third in (and still manages to be the best thing in the movie), while Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts waste their early potential with a shocking performance as a love interest Chan doesn’t actually biff (in case it enrages his Asian fans).