A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures Review

Image for A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures

Born in 1959, Sammy the sea turtle spends the next 50 years traveling the world witnessing the changes of global warming.


The quality of animated features not just suitable for the very young, but aimed at them, tends not to be too high. So prepare to be shell-shocked by the Pixar-level perfectionism lavished on the 100 per cent 3D visuals of this charming Belgian-born CG confection, in which the titular turtle hasn’t mutated, isn’t a teenager, and doesn’t know martial arts — but still manages to hold childrens’ rapt attention for 86 minutes. Sammy’s story spans 50 years, imaginatively encompassing a wide variety of marine life and environmental strife, and if the Brit voice actors (the Americans have a different cast) hadn’t phoned in their roles, it could have been a turtle triumph. Nevertheless, expect sales of pet turtles to treble, even if they turn out to be a bit less exciting in real life.

Five star entertainment for the under-tens, deduct two stars for everyone else.

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