Turnout Review

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East London boy George (Russo) needs money fast to pay for his romantic holiday with girlfriend Sophie (Lovibond). Striking on the idea of an impromptu drug deal to raise funds, he takes her holiday fund and sinks it into his rash scheme.


It's a race against time for working-class Hoxton boy George (co-writer George Russo) as he seeks urgent cash by selling coke. No lives are at stake — just the holiday he and girlfriend Sophie (Ophelia Lovibond) have been saving up for… and possibly their relationship. The plot is no great shakes, but director Lee Sales draws credible performances from actors including Neil Maskell (Kill List) and a brief turn from Ben Drew, aka Plan B, as a violent thug. Not everything adds up story-wise, but it has observational detail and authentic situations that’ll have lads laughing and squirming in recognition. Shame the spineless lead is quite useless for the best part of the film. As his mate says: “You do put yourself in these situations though, dontcha?”

Plenty of 'he's-not-is-he?' observational details, nice performances and some genuinely funny moments make up for the patchy plotting.