The Truth Review

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A young, wheelchair-bound woman joins a retreat in the Scottish countryside, only to find her companions a less than pleasing bunch.


Much like David Mackenzie’s The Last Great Wilderness, this sees an outsider entering a remote retreat where danger awaits. Rebellious but grounded Candy (Elaine Cassidy) is increasingly horrified by the hypocrisy of group leader Donna (Elizabeth McGovern), not to mention the selfishness of her attention-seeking companions. When tragedy strikes, the group’s response intensifies her alienation — but Candy’s stuck in a wheelchair in the middle of the Scottish wilderness, so escape’s not an easy option.

While the drama’s occasionally intense, this is most enjoyable for its dark comedy, satirising the self-help world without falling back on lazy clichés (Karl Theobald draws from his Green Wing persona to particularly amusing effect). With a patchy tone, this won’t be for everyone, but if you’re willing to be drawn into its odd, dark little world, it has many pleasures.

An eccentric British comedy-thriller-whatever, this is tonally challenged but wickedly funny with a strong cast and characters.

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