Truth or Consequences, N.M. Review

Image for Truth or Consequences, N.M.

A gang of four, let by Curtis hatch a plan to rob a drug dealer. When things go wrong, however, they end up stealing an RV, taking its inhabitants hostage and going on the run.


Kiefer Sutherland uses his clout to pack his directorial debut with his friends and throws in enough Tarantinoid diversions to stretch out a simple crooks-on-the-run tale for an extra quarter of an hour. Sutherland is the coked-up loony and Vincent Gallo his more sensible mate, but their gangbuddy Mykelti Williamson is an undercover cop and hostage Kevin Pollak seems to want to be a thug when he grows up. There are showy bits for Rod Steiger and Martin Sheen as Mafiosi, and enough good scenes to keep you watching, but there are too many of these quirky, cynical crime-road movies about for this to stand out.

An average member of a crowded genre.