Trust Review

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A fourteen year-old girl befriends a teenage boy online to later discover that he is an adult with sinister intentions.


David Schwimmer’s second film as director marks a change in tone from Run Fatboy Run. Fourteen year-old Annie (Liana Liberato) befriends what she thinks is a teenage boy online, only to discover he’s much older. Once ‘groomed’, Annie accepts a meeting and date rape charges follow — but she remains convinced her attacker loves her. It’s a fascinating delve into the teen psyche with a terrific turn from Liberato and solid support from Catherine Keener and Clive Owen as her horrified parents. Owen gets too much screen time towards the end though; it works best when plumbing the mind of the hormonal teenager, full of ideals and denial. But while it may not know how to end, it impresses along the way.

A strong, compelling and disturbing story that struggles to reach a decent ending.