The Triumph Of Love Review

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A Princess (Sorvino) who is the daughter of a usurper sets out to right the wrongs of her forebears and make amends with the rightful heir to the throne. Trouble is, he has been raised to hate her, so she cross dresses as a disguise to get closer, but falls in love as soon as she looks at him.


This adaptation of an 18th century farce sees Mira Sorvino woefully miscast as a scheming princess who cross-dresses to gain access to a prince (Rodan) who’s been brought up to hate women. Somehow her clumsy attempts to romance not only him but his guardians (Kingsley and Shaw) succeed, supposedly proving that even misogynists can be won over by flattery. The exchanges between the last two actors are the least painful, but this is such a strained affair it’s hard not

to be embarrassed for everyone concerned.

Brief hints at a postmodern take fall by the wayside as this limps its way to a baffling end, failing to punish what’s become a despicable lead character.

Perhaps producer Bernardo Bertolucci was also blinded by love — this was directed by his wife.