Trick Review

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A sweet-natured New York love story following a night in the life of Eric Stoltz-alike Campbell, wannabe composer, and his pick-up Pitoc, a go-go dancer in a male strip joint.

At first, the pair merely look for a place to have hot sex, as Campbell is shut out of his apartment by a straight roomie just reunited with an old girlfriend, and the offer of a pad by a just-dumped piano bar pal (Hayes) is stymied when Pitoc helps the guy reunite with his boyfriend. Even when the couple just want to be alone, a malevolent drag queen and Campbell's scatty actress best friend (Spelling) make distractions.

A more-or-less mainstream romantic comedy, though impossible to remake with heterosexuals, this has winning performances from the leads and amusing turns from everybody else. Niche market maybe, but not without charm.