Travellers Review

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Four friends pack their paniers for a motorbiking break in the country, and a chance to escape the bustle of urban life. But when a campsite prank goes wrong, the country bites back...


A kind of Southern (Counties) Comfort, Kirk McManus’ lo-fi, self-funded feature sends four city boys on the lash in the countryside (including an American Werewolf-esque pub episode starring Charley Boorman), the jolly turning sour when they fall foul of a gang of Irish travellers. The plot divides in two as a cat-and-mouse game develops between townies and travellers (cue slabs of slow motion and DIY gore) while a poorly etched relationship between one of the lads (Alex Edwards) held hostage and a young traveller (Celia Muir) hopes to reveal the softer side of both groups. There is the odd striking image but mostly the drama is overwrought and the characterisation obvious, and it is rough and ready but not in a good way.

An ordinary script and characters that are impossible to really care about saps the life from this low-budget Brit thriller.