Trash Humpers Review

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Harmony Korine's VHS camera follows a group of elderly sociopaths in Nashville, Tennesse.


To his eternal credit, Harmony Korine talks a good fight. Trash Humpers is a tale of “true sociopaths, the likes of which have never been seen before”. It’s a story inspired by some boozy OAPs who haunted the young Harmony’s neighbourhood, though if they’d behaved half as badly as these lumbering ne’er-do-wells, they’d have been rounded up and tasered. Shot on flickering VHS, these nightmarish figures drift from one grim scenario — a fat man is suffocated, someone’s butchered in a kitchen — to another. Which probably makes it sound more impactful than it deserves; mostly it’s a loose-limbed collection of indolence and inactivity. And, yes, they really do try and shag bins, often.

A often grim vaudeville parade of Nashville's oddballs and ne'er-do-wells.