Transylvania Review

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A pregant woman tracks down the father of her child only to be rebuffed. Heartbroken, she embarks on an aimless journey across the wilds of Eastern Europe


Following on from 2004’s Exiles, director Tony Gatlif continues his play on isolation with a vampire-free love story set in the wilds of Eastern Europe.

Pregnant Zingarina (Asia Argento) is tracking down her child’s musician father when she meets pedlar Tchangalo (Birol Ünel).
When the father shows little interest, Zingarina takes off on an aimless journey through the country, falling in love with Tchangalo en route.

The film skips over enough of the plot to confuse, but really soars on the cinematography: Romania is a stunning country. A visual feast, Transylvania’s heady trip through an alien country is a little gem once you abandon all hope of following exactly what’s going on.

Forget the plot and soak up the glorious cinematography.