Transsiberian Review

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Thriller about a pair of travellers who, after visiting Beijing, decide to hop aboard the legendary titular train link to Moscow. Despite finding that the people already riding the huge train are a little unusual, they manage to befriend the others sharing their compartment. But their trip descends into a nightmare of lies and betrayal.


Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer head up this Hitchcockian thriller with liberal dabs of Hostel’s sadism as a Christian couple whose trip on the titular railway route goes awry when they meet another young pair who aren’t all they seem.

Directed and co-written by Brad Anderson (The Machinist), the film’s familiar plotlines are given added zing from the claustrophobic train and the stunning landscapes, while Mortimer convinces as the good girl with the bad girl past.

Decent performances and good-looking but tense setting makes up for less-than-orginal plotting.