The Transporter Refuelled Review

Image for The Transporter Refuelled

Special ops mercenary Frank Martin (Skrein) is hired by four former prostitutes to get revenge on a Russian gangster (Bukvic).


A Stathless reboot of the franchise, with Ed Skrein ably handling the punching and driving as the new transporter and Ray Stevenson brought in as his Dad to add some personality to the team. Four literally interchangeable ex-hookers in blonde wigs hire Frank (Skrein) to expedite a take-down and rip-off of stock Russian gangster baddie (Rasha Bukvic) in Monaco. It has plot holes galore and the female lead (Loan Chabanol) is upstaged by the chorus – but the fights, chases, stunts and vehicle smash-ups are value for money. A budget package, more Hasty and Annoyed than Fast and Furious but watchable enough.

A passable entry in the franchise — decent action but little else.